How it works

Complete your Michigan Defensive Driving course with three easy steps:

  1. Register for the course
  2. Pass the course, including the final multiple-choice exam — unlimited attempts!
  3. We report your completion to the court (in some cases — see below)

Informing the court of your course completion

Once you pass the exam and complete the course, we will notify the court for you in some cases, while students in other districts must print a copy of their Certificate of Completion and provide it to the court.

Here's a list of the courts we report course completion to:

  • 24th District Court
  • 28th District Court
  • 32A District Court
  • 36th District Court
  • 45th District Court
  • 74th District Court
  • 75th District Court
  • Grosse Pointe District Court

What if my district court isn't on this list?

You'll need to provide proof of your course completion to the court yourself. Once you've finished the course, your Certificate of Completion will be available to download. Print out a copy and submit it to the court.

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