Course details

What you'll learn

Our online Michigan Defensive Driving course is designed to teach drivers the importance of these key topics:

  • Basic safe driving techniques
  • Michigan traffic laws and violations
  • Sharing the road with other drivers
  • Alcohol/drug violations and consequences

Quizzes and final exam

This six-hour course is divided into 14 chapters. There are multiple choice quizzes at the end of each chapter, plus a final exam that's also multiple choice — with unlimited attempts for all. The course also lets you go back and review any information as you take the quizzes and final exam, just like open-book tests. As soon as you complete the course, the system instantly grades your answers, so you'll know immediately if you've passed.

Course module topics

  • Chapter 1 — Collision Preventability
  • Chapter 2 — Driver Distractions
  • Chapter 3 — Steps If Involved in a Collision
  • Chapter 4 — Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Chapter 5 — Collision Prevention
  • Chapter 6 — Safe Passing Techniques
  • Chapter 7 — Safety Equipment
  • Chapter 8 — Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Chapter 9 — Alcohol and Drug Use (Continued)
  • Chapter 10 — Driver Attitude and Behavior
  • Chapter 11 — Traffic Laws in the State of Michigan
  • Chapter 12 — Traffic Laws in the State of Michigan (Continued)
  • Chapter 13 — Turns
  • Chapter 14 — Traffic Signs and Control Lights

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